interLAN SPEED Dispatcher


An irreplaceable dispatch tool

When you have a few dozen own or contracted vehicles in your fleet, you must know how to manage and efficiently use your vehicles. The interLAN SPEED Dispatcher solution will help you plan, set, and monitor the route thanks to the integrated digital map and communication with the telematic system or a mobile application like mSPEED.

  • Effective planning

    The main tasks of the Dispatcher module is to support the process of optimal planning of orders for vehicles or – conversely – planning vehicles for orders. It is done by minimizing empty runs and reducing downtime, with the control of a number of restrictions, such as: driver’s working time, vehicle equipment, validity of driver / vehicle / carrier documents and many others. The realization of tasks by the Dispatcher is possible thanks to the integration of interLAN systems with advanced digital maps as well as telematic or mobile solutions.

  • Supervision over the transport process

    We know that active supervision over the transport allows for a quick response in case of emergency, and thus affects the quality of customer service. In the Dispatcher module, we made it possible to designate and control the corridor through which vehicles should move in real time. We also took care to monitor the timeliness of orders on an ongoing basis by calculating the planned time of arrival to the destination point (ETA) in relation to the driver’s working time. In addition, in the case of transport at a controlled temperature, the temperature from the sensors on the trailer is compared in real time with the temperature specified in the order.

  • Comfortable communication with the driver

    Efficient communication with the driver translates into the quality of the services provided, and thus customer satisfaction. That is why, at the Dispatcher, we took care of the possibility of two-way communication between the program user and the driver. Messages and orders are sent directly from the system, and statuses with reports on implementation are received in return. Thanks to the alerting system, the user can react quickly to crisis situations. As a result, the number of transports that you can handle simultaneously is increasing.

  • Communication with telematics and digital map

    Integration with external systems is primarily to automate work and reduce errors related to manual data entry. Thanks to the communication of the Dispatcher application with telematics or a mobile application and a digital map, you have reliable information about the transport carried out, you have control over the route and you have control over the time devoted to supervising the orders.

Key functions
  1. Interactive and user-friendly dispatch chart
  2. Transport planning with consideration of flight km, vehicle profile, required equipment, driver’s labour time
  3. Setting the route (corridor) with help of the digital map
  4. Data and information exchange with telematic solutions and mobile application
  5. Order shipment
  6. Receipt and tracking of statuses with completion reports
  7. Alerts of negative events in order handling, including ETA
  8. Rerouting messages to SMS/e-mail
  9. Labour quality analysis based on comparison of planned and real data
Pre-launch analyses
Software use training
Maintenance on call
Integration with external systems
Software leasing (outsourcing)
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