interLAN SPEED TSL Shipping and Transport

TSL Shipping and Transport

A system to improve the operations of every department in your company
program dla firm transportowych

interLAN SPEED was created to support the business management processes of transport and shipping companies. It does its job in 900 small and large enterprises.

  • Complexity

    By using the Forwarding and Full Truck module, you can easily plan an order and estimate its profitability. Thanks to the integration with mobile and telematics solutions, you will have ongoing supervision over transport. You can pay with one click after the service. By keeping records, you will get quick insight into reports and analyzes that will help you make decisions – current and strategic.

  • Streamline processes

    With our system you will improve your work by automating the processes of order registration, transport, invoicing, debt collection, salary calculation, cost registration and reporting. Thanks to the integration with telematics systems, digital maps, financial and accounting programs, you will eliminate double data entry and related errors.

  • Cost supervision

    Settlements and cost supervision are an important area of ​​the system. With interLAN SPEED you can make multidimensional analyzes from various perspectives: customer, forwarder, vehicle, order or departure. All this will allow you to manage and supervise the company’s cost policy.

  • Comfort of work

    Thanks to the automation of processes and following the principle of one-time data entry, you will optimize your work and increase its comfort. An additional advantage will be a friendly, intuitive user interface.

  • Flexible and configurable

    The interLAN SPEED Freight Forwarding and FTL Transport system can be extended with additional modules at any time. The lack of limitations in the configuration of interLAN solutions allows for adaptation to the requirements and maintaining an individual approach. We are open to new expectations.

Key functions
  1. FTL order support
  2. Own and contracted fleet management
  3. Waybill
  4. Business trips, allowances, advancements
  5. Fuel clearance
  6. Shipper and carrier liability and motor vehicle policies and claims
  7. Tire management
  8. Invoicing
  9. Integration with financial and accounting systems
  10. Discount support
  11. Cost clearance
  12. Internal billing
  13. Reserves
  14. Complaint support
  15. Driver remuneration
  16. Carrier billing
  17. Automatic notifications
  18. Pallet clearance
  19. Fuel card support
  20. Integration with telematic systems
  21. Integration with digital maps
  22. Integration with logistics and transport markets
  23. Multidimensional reports and analyses
Pre-launch analyses
Software use training
Maintenance on call
Integration with external systems
Software leasing (outsourcing)
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