A solution providing full support for logistics process

interLAN SPEED is a system supporting enterprises in improving domestic and international logistics.

  • Automation of dellivery

    We attach great importance to the improvement of processes, including by launching interfaces with ERP / WMS systems. Where appropriate, we provide communication to logistic platforms. In our system, the valuation of transports is based on dedicated price lists, which eliminates the risk of making a mistake. It also shortens the operation time. Deliveries in the system can be scheduled manually or automatically using the distribution grid structure or heuristic algorithms.

  • Control the delivery process

    We know that active supervision over the transport makes it possible to react quickly in the event of an emergency. Thus, it affects the quality of internal and external customer service. The enterprise logistics module communicates with the mSPEED mobile application. Thanks to this, you receive current delivery statuses – access to the vehicle’s position and the planned time of reaching the next point on the route. Additionally, mSPEED ensures ongoing contact with the carrier (orders, messages, statuses, reports). SMSs remain an alternative to communication with the mobile application. They allow you to send orders, receive statuses, and generate alerts for the carrier.

  • Cost supervision

    Using the price lists, you will automatically price the services. You will also add additional costs that require approval before accepting the invoice. Cost documents will go to the system as a result of their registration by the carrier on the eSPEED www platform. You can optionally accept them into the previously generated settlement for the carrier. In both cases, the system will verify the compliance of the received document. It will also check the return status of confirmed delivery documents. In the next step, the value of the accepted invoice will be divided according to the defined algorithm into individual deliveries or orders. If necessary, the final delivery cost of a single item of a given commodity index can be determined.
    Based on price lists, the system automatically generates internal settlements and reserves. Having comprehensive data in the area of ​​costs, you will carry out multidimensional analyzes from various perspectives: customer, goods, vehicle, delivery, order, direction and route.

  • Flexible and configurable

    Specialized modules, high flexibility and configurability of the system make it meet the needs of companies in the manufacturing sector. What was treated marginally in the ERP system is the essence of our activity. Individual approach and openness to expectations allow us to reflect the processes by which your logistics operates.

  • Raising the standard of cooperation

    The delivery process is supported by the eSPEED www platform. Thanks to it, you improve communication with your partners providing transport services. Automation of the processes of making orders available on the exchange, registration of statuses, attaching scanned POD documents, applying for additional costs, and finally settlements with carriers make you increase work efficiency and reduce logistics costs. By using the mechanism of automatic notifications to customers or alerts to carriers sent by e-mail / SMS, you ensure that your customer has ongoing access to the status of his delivery, and the transport service provider is monitored in terms of the quality of the service provided.

Key functions
  1. Order and delivery logistics
  2. Order and delivery planning – manual and automatic
  3. Support of extra functions such as COD, return documents (POD), carrier return, ADR, Temp+
  4. Price cost configuration
  5. Status support (in scope of orders, logistic units, points on route, routes)
  6. Delivery notification
  7. SENT report support
  8. Carrier platform (order market, statuses, POD documents, billing)
  9. Cross-dock warehouse support
  10. Internal billing
  11. Carrier billing
  12. Cost registration and distribution
  13. Discount support
  14. Reserve support
  15. Financial document export to accounting system
  16. Inconsistency and complaint support
  17. Carrier policy time and range monitoring
  18. Integration with digital maps
  19. Integration with telematic systems
  20. Communication with the mSPEED mobile application
  21. Integration with logistics platforms
  22. Integration with internal systems (ERP, WMS, CRM)
  23. Multidimensional reports and analyses
Pre-launch analyses
Software use training
Maintenance on call
Integration with external systems
Software leasing (outsourcing)
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