Logistics Operator


Logistics Operator

Take advantage of the tools improving supply chain support
If you are a logistics operator specialising in comprehensive supply chain support, interLAN SPEED is the solution you have been looking for.

Thanks to the modular structure of the TMS interLAN SPEED system, you can implement and use only the functions dedicated to your area of responsibility. When you decide to expand other transport logistics branches, you will easily find modules dedicated to said activity in our offer. If you have original expectations, we are open to hearing your ideas and willing to meet them.

Learn the potential of all of the modules we have developed just for you. Choose the optimal ones according to the demands and logistics scale of your company. In the next step, please contact us to discuss the solution best for you.

We recommend the following interLAN SPEED modules:
product-3 product-3-hover
LCL network
Accelerates organisation of the delivery process by engaging cross-docking warehouses.
product-6 product-6-hover
Helps plan and map routes and calculates route costs. Intended for truck traffic.
product-5 product-5-hover
Sea and Air Shipping
Provides specialised sea and air transport handling.
product-7 product-7-hover
Improves and automates the loading and route planning process.
product-8 product-8-hover
Mobile application for drivers to ensure control of the delivery process in real time.
product-9 product-9-hover
Online platform used for communication between users of the SPEED system and their business environment.

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