The SPEED system supports companies in scope of handling domestic and international shipments with consideration of cross-dock warehouses. Thanks to the flexible design, it benefits LCL networks, logistics operators, and shipping and transport companies handling LTL/PTL transport.

  • Comprehensive service

    By using the LCL module in the SPEED system, you will appreciate the ability to supervise shipments at every stage of the process: from quotation, shipment registration and route planning, collection, line and distribution transports and status registration, to document completion, pallet settlement, pick-up service (COD), invoicing and calculation of costs.
    With the help of multidimensional reports and analyzes, you will additionally gain the ability to check the effectiveness of your business on an ongoing basis.

  • LCL support process solution

    We focus on process improvement, as a result of which the time for entering data in the SPEED system is significantly reduced. Shipments can be downloaded to the system in any form. Starting from using the eSPEED www module for data registration by the client, through importing orders from files, ending with automatic data exchange with EDI mechanisms. The valuation of services is based on dedicated price lists, which eliminates the risk of making a mistake. Depending on the network structure and planning rules, the routes with their assigned shipments can be generated automatically. The invoicing process looks similar, where invoices in the system are issued automatically, thanks to appropriately programmed mechanisms.

  • Control the distribution process

    We understand that active supervision over transport allows for a quick response to emergency situations. Thus, it has a positive effect on the quality of customer service. To achieve this, the groupage module communicates with the mSPEED mobile application. In this way, you get the current delivery statuses, including: access to the vehicle’s position and the planned time of reaching the next point on the route. Additionally, mSPEED guarantees ongoing contact with the carrier (orders, messages, statuses, reports).

  • Supervision on financial result

    In interLAN SPEED, you issue invoices for services and record costs. You also have the option to issue invoices on behalf of the carrier (self-billing). The system, based on price lists, automatically generates internal settlements and provisions. Having complete data in the area of ​​revenues and costs, you will conduct complex analyzes from the perspective of: customer, forwarder, vehicle, shipment, direction or route – the choice depends on your needs.

  • Flexible and configurable

    Specialized modules, high flexibility and configurability of the system allow companies from the TSL industry to perform a whole range of tasks using it. An individual approach and openness to needs allow us to reflect the processes by which your company operates – positive user experiences are the best proof of the functionality of the SPEED system.

  • Raising the standard of cooperation

    You improve communication with your business environment thanks to the support of the distribution process through the eSPEED www platform. It is also another module of the system that helps to increase the standard of cooperation with both the contractor and the carrier. Automation of the process of registering parcels, providing transport documents to customers, or settlements of carriers make you increase your work efficiency and save time to complete more orders. By using the mechanism of automatic notifications sent by e-mail or SMS, you ensure that your customer is always up to date with the status of his delivery.

Key functions
  1. Shipment planning (collection, line haul, delivery)
  2. Shipment planning
  3. Support of extra services, including: COD, return documents (POD/ROD), carrier return, insurances, ADR, Temp+, removable carriers
  4. Pricing configuration
  5. Status support (in scope of parcels, shipments, points on route, routes)
  6. Parcel and transport notification
  7. SENT report support
  8. Shipping warehouse support
  9. Payment invoicing and registration
  10. Internal billing
  11. Carrier billing
  12. Cost registration and distribution
  13. Discount support
  14. Reserve support
  15. Document export to accounting system
  16. Inconsistency and complaint support
  17. Carrier policy time and range monitoring
  18. Clearance of report service and customs debt
  19. Integration with digital maps
  20. Integration with telematic systems
  21. Communication with mSPEED mobile app
  22. Integration with logistics platforms
  23. Integration with external systems (TMS, ERP, WMS, CRM)
  24. Multidimensional reports and analyses
Pre-launch analyses
Software use training
Maintenance on call
Integration with external systems
Software leasing (outsourcing)
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