The mSPEED mobile application is a solution for logistics, LCL, and shipping operators as well as transport enterprises, which want to maintain control over the transport and delivery processes. You can use the mSPEED application for communication between the dispatcher and the driver in scope of the handled orders.

  • Many possibilities, a simple solution

    You provide the carrier with the application. The driver accepts tasks directly and registers the individual stages of their implementation. The scope of data exchange includes: items, messages, orders and statuses related to receipts and deliveries including anomalies, reports on loading and unloading, photos of documents, as well as the customer’s signature confirming the delivery. The application supports credit card payments, carrier accounting and parcel scanning. By providing mSPEED to the driver, you ensure your comfort and increase your work efficiency.

  • Utility

    mSPEED means quick installation, ease of use, rich functionality and wide configuration options. It has an unlimited range of operation, thanks to the possibility of working on any mobile devices with the Android operating system, using communication via the GSM network. mSPEED works both online and offline. The communication process automates the use of predefined events, statuses, reports and geo-fencing events.

  • Supervision over the delivery process

    The driver uses the mobile application at every stage of the delivery. Thanks to the use of functions such as sending orders to the driver, receiving statuses and alerts, vehicle tracking and supervision of the corridor and time of arrival (ETA), you monitor the delivery process on an ongoing basis. As a result, the work efficiency of those responsible for overseeing the delivery process improves.

  • Customer service support

    We have prepared mSPEED with all parties involved in the delivery process in mind. We took care of the high quality of service to your contractors. Thanks to the communication of the application with the TMS system, your client is automatically informed about key delivery statuses, receives direct access to documents confirming delivery (POD), and in risk situations, is notified about it. Nothing prevents your client from seeing the position of the vehicle on the map with the current ETA.

  • Increasing work efficiency

    A carrier working with the mSPEED application receives tasks from you on an ongoing basis and records their progress. You appreciate the availability of real-time information. Extensive configuration options and communication with the TMS system guarantee process automation. In addition, work based on alerts minimizes office tasks. All this makes you notice an increase in work efficiency.

  • For users of the SPEED system

    By choosing the mSPEED mobile application, you benefit from the synergy effect of both solutions. The mSPEED module provides data to the eSPEED module, which is the “window to the world” of the entire TMS interLAN SPEED system. Without your involvement, the driver reports on the various stages of delivery. Thus, it provides the necessary data to your customers. This way you gain time and save resources for implementation.

Key functions
  1. Two-way communication with drivers in appropriate context
  2. Order distribution
  3. Assignment of collection/delivery statuses, including anomalies associated with randomly defined reports
  4. Scanning barcodes on parcels/pallets
  5. Submission of document images confirming delivery completion
  6. Client’s signature under completed transport assignment
  7. Carrier billing
  8. Support for additional services, including return and COD documents with credit card payment support
  9. Navigating the driver between specific events on route
  10. Geofencing support
Pre-launch analyses
Software use training
Maintenance on call
Integration with external systems
Software leasing (outsourcing)
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